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Do It Yourself:

1.  Curl the ends of your hair (from the ears down) with a 1” or 1 1/2” curling iron.  If your hair doesn’t hold curl well, use the curling iron and then hold each curl in your hand so it doesn’t fall down.  Pin each curl to your head with a bobby pin or clip until it cools entirely.  Spray with hairspray and then let down.

2.  Use a teasing brush or comb to add volume to your crown, and then smooth it so it doesn’t look messy or tangled.  Separate your hair into two horizontal sections (from your temples up and then from your temples down.  Keep the very front portion of your hair, or your bangs, out of the top section.

3.  Now you will begin to pin pieces from the top section of your hair to the back.  Take one small piece from one side, and pin it behind your head, wrapping it around so it is slightly on the opposite side of your head.  Now do this will a small piece on the other side.  Repeat this process until the entire top section of your hair is pinned back, leaving the front portion out still.

4.  If you have bangs, style them off to the side or however you please.  If the front portion is long, begin to gently twist it away from your face, and then pin it back with the other pieces.  Add a pretty hair accessory and spray everything with hair spray to set!  (Touching up curls may be necessary)

This is how I will probably die : I have always been the type to not believe I deserve or will ever find a love for me. But things have changed for me and the way i now see things. I am still a young age and have much to more to go through and also to learn and grow up. But I can’t honestly say I have actually given love a chance. I have given all I can to someone and am so completely heels over head about a person . However the situation could be complicated in the long run and I could just be being my usually logical critical and self conscious self I am about it all. But this is how I think I could die. Is if the person I have given everything to has honestly shown me they truly loved me and really has me believing we are the ones meant to be forever , changes their mind or lies , about it all. I feel like I could just be a temporary Fill in until he and a previous work things out and end up being the forever that I was fixated would be me. I don’t know if that makes sense but if so then you can imagine how awful it would actually be. And it’s at this time at 3 in the morning on a Tuesday where this hits me. And this is surely how I would die . Love is pain.
My life situations
My life was at it’s all time low. Atleast it felt that way. I knew things would go up in time , but I can honestly say I didn’t think it would happen this fast. My life is seriously passing by and so many life lessons or crazy situations have happened in such short time. Anyway I just pray that everything goes the way I think it’s going to be within the next few weeks. And I pray that I wil be happy and find my way back to love .

I am so beyond emotional for how my life is turning out. Like I’m excited and happy… But then again I feel scared and alone . But I know I have more strength then I give credit to myself, and I plan on going Into my new life fully and completely devoted to making it the best and most posstive that I can.

We grew up in a society where people taught us in movies, books and songs that we have to fight for what we love, that we should never give up on the ones we love the most. But they didn’t teach us how to handle it when they refuse to love us beack. And the way I see it, people should teach us that sometimes, by choice or not, we have to let them go.
Elisabeth Van den Abeele (via feelingsyoumayrecognize)

My life now

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